Here share with you Mr. Li’s Wild Discus aquarium on the wall.

We knew Mr. Li by Facebook. After chatting on the phone, he came to the fish farm to visit us on the same day in the afternoon.

Li is a very optimistic, open-minded, and frank person. He chatted with my boss very happily, so he came to visit us twice this week.

Li used to raise Wild Discus 30 years ago. This time he spent a lot of time and effort designing the “aquarium wall” at home and decorated it gorgeously.

Therefore, he came to our fish farm to choose unique and beautiful Wild Discus.

Our boss also recommends the homemade burgers made by our fish farm, so that Wild Discus can eat nutritiously and healthily, and promote their appetite. Our fish loves it very much!

When Li came to the fish farm for the second time, after discussing some points with our boss, our team personally drove the fish to Li’s house and adjusted the layout of the fish tank together with him.

Creating a good fish tank environment can make the Wild Discus, Roseline Shark, and Altum angelfish grow better and swim freely in it.

Mr. Li looked very happy.

He said: “I felt a little discouraged at the beginning. I was afraid that after 30 years, this fish farming would fail again. Now I am more confident and can start to appreciate their beauty.”

Selling fish is the way for the fish farm to survive, but satisfying customers, choosing fish that are unique in their hearts to each customer, and sharing the sense of accomplishment and joy together is the original intention of the boss to establish the fish farm.

Adhering to the spirit of providing life-long after-sales service, for every guest, we will set up a Line group, so that we could communicate and discuss the problem with them through it.

Li said:”I can now slowly finish a bottle of red wine while watching my Aquarium!”

Raising Discus is a kind of enjoyment of life. You must do all the preparatory work before you can appreciate their beauty. No pain, no gain!

We are fortunate to know Li, to learn from his open-minded outlook on life and an optimistic attitude towards life.

I wish Li all the best, and thank you all for reading and giving advice.


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