Welcome to Sun Pin International Discus Farm

The colorful Discus are just like a rainbow in the water, the elegant and charming appearance will help you forget all the disturbance from life. Let the vision of beauty change the rhythm of your life, enjoy the good time and wonderful things for yourself.

We hope we could popularize the Discus in Taiwan by discuss and communicate with as many people as we can. Cultivate the Discus need patience and care, sharing the experience could let more person know how to appreciate this charming species. We introduce different breeds of Discus and Wild Discus from abroad, to try to provide multivariate choice for our customers. Let’s build your own unique aquarium by variety Discus which chose by yourself!

Fish breeding

T&D Discus in Taiwan

T&D Discus located in Linkou, Taiwan. There are 30-40 types of Discus, including good improved breeds from abroad and Wild Discus from Brazil. Our farm is well-appointed, and we follow the standard process conscientiously and focus on details to take care of each fish here.

Ornamental aquarium set up

T&D Discus cooperate with professional team who possess many years’ experience in aquarium setting. All the ornamental aquariums we use are set up with their assistance. Choose the best team to save your time and resources, and to enjoy the fascinating beauty of the Discus easier.

T&D Discus Service


Provide objective information about cultivating the Discus. Communicate and share the experience to each other.

Ornamental aquarium set up

Entrust a professional team to build your own aquarium.

Discus display

Visit our farm at Linkou, Taiwan to see and choose the Discus by yourself.

Regular maintenance

Provide regular maintenance service to the customer. Home service is also available. Contact us if need.


Communicate and study the information about the Discus around the world, such as Germany, Japan, Malaysia, etc.