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About T&D Discus

The Discus in early Taiwan are in very good level and have good performance in many international competitions. Our Discus once ranked among the best in the world. However, in recent years, the Discus market are become smaller due to the entire environment change and some veteran feeder have withdrawn. Now the Discus is not quite common, and the choice are not multivariate, either. It is really a pity if the people in Taiwan have no chance to know this amazing species as this beautiful creature should be popularized and known by everyone.

We are novices in this field thus we are learning hard; we welcome all the Discus aficionado to share their experience and communicate to us, then both us will learn more and get better about feeding the Discus. We will keep learning and working on introduce more types and better breeds from abroad, so that everyone who are interested and with great enthusiasm could find their favorite Discus in Taiwan.

We have a prospect, we hope that Taiwan will have the opportunity to participate in international Discus world one day, thus we work hard to operate our “T&D discus CO., LTD “, to create a place that all the Discus aficionado could share the experience and information to many others. Let’s work together to let the Discus in Taiwan will be famous in the world.

T&D Discus in Taiwan

T&D Discus is an affiliate company with SUN-PIN International Co., Ltd. Which works hard for more than 20 years with the thought of foresight and has obtained dozens of international brand agency now. Already have own counters in many well-known shopping malls and department stores in Taiwan.

Every Discus you chose and bought from T&D Discus are cultivated through standard procedure with complete equipment, and they are fed in the water with stable parameters which controlled automatically. All our Discus are in stable high quality. We are working hard, learning hard and keep looking for the better way to feed Discus, hope we could provide more beautiful and charming Discus to our customers.

To provide more complete service to our customer, we cooperated with many suppliers which famous in aquatic industry. Include GIAN DER Enterprise Inc., TZONG YANG Aquarium company、 MING ZEN Aquarium Co., Ltd, SONG LIANG Incorporated Company, and Fish Magazine TW…etc. Hope we could provide professional and whole service to satisfy all the demands from our consumers.


Provide objective information about feeding and maintenance consulting services for customers. Such as the size of aquarium, the parameter of the water (the temperature, pH value…), the food, etc. We are willing to share our experience with you.

Ornamental aquarium set up

T&D Discus cooperate with professional team who possess many years’ experience in aquarium setting.  Entrust the best team to create a unique aquarium for yourself. Service include:T&D Discus cooperate with professional team who possess many years’ experience in aquarium setting.  Entrust the best team to create a unique aquarium for yourself. Service include:

  1. Work out the size and relative position of the ornamental aquarium.
  2. Estimate the quantity of the Discus in one tank; decorate your own aquarium.
  3. Inspect the safety standards for water and electricity configuration.
  4. Setting filter equipment.

T&D Discus Farm

Welcome to visit us in LinKou, you could see and choose the favorite Discus by yourself here. We are willing to share our experience with you, from the water quality, temperature, filter system to the food we chose for Discus; through discuss and communicate to each other to make feeding work simpler.

Regular maintenance

Provide regular maintenance service to the customer. To save your time, home service is also available, we could check the conditional of the Discus and the state for the aquarium, to make sure everything works smoothly. Service include:

  1. Water refresh and ornamental aquarium cleaning.
  2. Filter system maintenance.
  3. Inspection of water parameter, temperature and equipment.
  4. Check the condition of Discus

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