At the weekend, our customer Derek who live in Neihu, wanted to see the quality of Semi Royal Blue in our farm, so we take a short video around 10 seconds for him.

After watching the video several times, Derek select two Semi Royal Blue in his mind.

The fish has round body, full-open fins, unique stripes, and bright color.

He loved these two Discus at the first sight.

Derek came to our fish farm on Saturday morning; he stand in front of the tank full of Semi Royal Blue, point out 2 Discus and tell us “These are the two I choose in video, I want them”.

Without hesitation and thinking, seems like these two Discus have been deeply imprinted in his mind.

Experience shared from our boss: The charm of Discus is that every variety is favored by people.

We hope to revitalize Taiwan’s Discus market, so that those who love Discus will have more choices.