“There is person who foolish enough to create this scale of Wild Discus tank this year! It’s really pleasantly surprised.”

This is the mood of Jiang when he came to our T&D Sun Pin International Discus Farm and saw the display tank of Wild Discus.

Mr. Jiang is a veteran international freelance photography interviewer, and he has been shooting aquarium for more than 30 years. He loves fish and loves Wild Discus more. He has visited countries all over the world and has been invited to serve as the referee of Aquarama World discus competition many times.

As the president of Taiwan Fish Magazine, he has also published professional books related to aquaculture.

Jiang heard from Jie ,who is the manufacturer of the system aquarium and also the friend of Taiwan Top Quality Guppy, that there is someone pay lots of time and money to build a Wild Discus farm without hesitation during the depression.

That’s the cause of this interview and filming this time.

After we got in touch, we happily shared the video with Jiang, but he replied directly: “It’s too ugly! I’ll shoot it myself!”












During the filming process, Jiang sighed: “Wild Discus breeding was once all the rage, but such a beautiful species now seems to fade out of the screen… “

“They are even considered too delicate by the public, however, the real problem is that they don’t know how to raise them properly.”

We sincerely admire Jiang for his spirit of selfless dedication to the aquaculture community over the past 30 years. He traveled all over the world by himself, collecting information, interviewing, and reporting, sharing, and helping everyone who loves aquaculture.

We are very grateful to Jiang, Jie, and each person and friend who have been helping us, so that we can continue to work hard to promote Taiwan’s Wild Discus.

We appreciate Jiang’s great help this time, and we are even more happy that our fish let him enjoyable.

We also hope to have the opportunity to let more people see the beautiful figure of Discus and let the Discus popular again!

Sincere appreciation for:

Mr. Jiang Xiao Ming from Fish Magazine TW

Mr. Geng Huang Jie from Top Aquarium Engineering Ltd.,Co


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