Here share with you the process of this purchasing.

Mr. Li, a handsome guy from Tucheng who visited our farm 20 days ago, have a great communication and discussion with our boss this time.

He has a 320 liters tank at present; thus, our boss suggests him to have around 30 discus, which is a suitable density for 320 liters.
Due to the budget limit, Li chose the medium size Discus, 15 Wild Blue and 15 Wild Green for total 30 pieces.


Our boss offers him a special price which for young person only, but the condition was that he could not pick the fish, so that the wild discus chosen was relatively common.

The elder in Li’s family are vegetarian, thus they insist to feed the discus with feed rather than the meat.

To help the Discus accommodate soon, our boss put all of them in one aquarium for 2 weeks and feed them the flake instead. Mr. Li have prepared some feed by himself, but our discus prefer Tropical flake more, thus we also suggest him to feed them with Tropical flake, so that the discus will not suffer in case of changes in their diet.

Mr. Li came back to pick up his fishes today. Due to this time we offered him a special price, our boss taught him the packing procedure and invite him to do it by himself. Start from pick up the fish, check one by one, put them in bag, inject oxygen into the bag, and packed, to experience the real work in farm. Finally, he brought his Wild Discus home smoothly with the cart he prepared by himself.

Looking forward to sharing you the beauty of these 30 Discus after they accommodated in new tank.




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